Kitchen and Pantry

Getting Started

Your Kitchen
Your plan includes dietary suggestions and recipes and it is important that your kitchen is an inviting space.   Treat it with kindness and it will repay you with delicious food!  Here are some suggestions.

Clean regularly
Cleaning doesn’t have to take a long time.  You can break it into smaller tasks to complete during the week -  for example, sweep the floor one morning before work and mop it the next.  Cleaning after each meal is also helps to stop plates piling up in and around the sink, which can then be off putting the next time you want to cook.

Get Comfortable
Do what you can to make it a place you want to spend time in.  This can be as simple as softening the lighting with a lamp or being able to listen to music in there.

Use shops that are convenient for you and you like going to.  If you struggle for time think about using online shopping for bulkier items or a delivery service from a supermarket.

Your Cupboards
What’s In

  • Coconut Oil – use this for high temperature cooking.  Due to it’s high smoke point it is less likely to oxidise.  Consuming oxidized fats can lead to inflammation in the body.
  • Pink Himalayan Salt – rich in essential trace minerals.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar – a great ingredient for salad dressings or even add a splash to hot water for a nice hot drink.
  • Olive Oil – drizzle over most things!  Be sure to keep in the fridge or at the very least away from the oven or hob to avoid it being heated every time you cook.  This can damage the fats in the oil making them harmful.
  • Fermented foods – Store in the fridge and consume a small amount daily.  A spoon of sauerkraut on your plate works well.  If buying these make sure they are unpasteurized or labled “raw” and are stored in the fridge.  Alternatively, you can make your own – it’s much easier than you think.  Look at this site for guidance -

What’s Out
I am not an advocate of throwing food away by any means but I do believe that if it doesn’t belong in your body then it doesn’t belong in your cupboard.  Many people find it hard to resist unhealthy foods if they are close at hand so if any of the items below are in your cupboards it would be a good idea to remove them.

  • Vegetable Oils
  • Processed foods and sauces
  • Grains – crackers, cereals, pastas, breads, cakes.
  • Biscuits
  • Chocolate
  • Carbonated drinks