Handy Kitchen Appliances

Handy Kitchen Appliances

A few wise investments can save so much time and make life that much easier.

A Good Knife
I find cooking the most frustrating when I don’t have sharp knife to work with.  Invest in a new one and a sharpening block or you can even sharpening it on the bottom of a mug – it’s probably best to google that last one for a demonstration video.

Batch cooking is helpful for in this busy day and age and we need a safe place to store this food.  Plastic Tupperware is known to contain chemicals that may mimic those found in the human body and lead to imbalances.  Investing in a set of glass food containers would be a wise decision.

High Power Blender
Very useful for making smoothies that contain a lot of fibrous vegetables.  Also helpful when blending soups. 
Suggested item:  Blenders can vary dramatically in price but the Duronic BL1200 is great value.

Food Processor
Use a food processer with grating attachment to save time preparing vegetables such as carrots at beetroots.  It will also ‘rice’ cauliflower in seconds.

Electric Pressure cooker
This saves a lot of time when cooking soups, stews and broths.  Bone broths can take anywhere up to 12 hours on the hob but you can get the same results in the pressure cooker in less than 2 hours.
Suggested item:  The Instant Pot – also has slow cooker and a rice cooker functions.

This contraption turns vegetables into spirals, which can then be used in salads or as a replacement for spaghetti. 
Alternative:  A vegetable peeler will give similar results but without the spiraling effect.

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