Digestive Support


Do you feel like you’re playing Russian roulette with food at every mealtime?

Picture this, you have a swollen and aching elbow and you decide to visit your doctor.  They conduct an assessment and discover that your elbow only actually hurts when you move it.  The solution?  Not to move your elbow…every again.  Problem solved?  Well…I’m sure we can all agree that isn’t a lasting solution, but this can be the position you find yourself in with digestive issues such as IBS.

If you’re suffering with IBS you may know exactly which foods trigger your symptoms and do all you can to avoid them or maybe the only time you don’t have a problem is when you don’t eating anything at all.  Avoiding problematic foods is similar to not moving that aching elbow.  Although it works in the short term it isn’t a lasting solution and doesn’t address the underlying issue.  The questions we need to ask is “Why is the elbow aching in the first place?”

So, instead of asking “Which foods are triggering my symptoms?” we should be asking “Why does my digestive system find these foods an issue?” The food isn’t necessarily the issue but he way your body is reacting to that food is. It’s by addressing how your body is reacting that we can get you feeling well again.

I seek to address the root causes of the issue rather than seeking to offer a ‘quick fix’ or leaving you to self manage the condition. It’s all about making changes that last.


I work to get to grips with the underlying issue which means the root cause is addressed and you see lasting results.


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