Frequently Asked Questions


Why Nutritional Therapy?
A balanced diet is a foundational component to a happy and healthy life. But in this day and age it's easy to feel confused and overwhelmed with so much information available on what a balanced diet actually means.  Even more confusingly, what is healthy for one person may not be for another, which might be caused by compromised gastrointestinal tract or a hidden food intolerance. As a nutritional therapist it is my role to guide you through this maze and towards your goal.  

Nutritional therapy looks at each client as an individual with a unique set of health concerns, dietary requirements, emotional challenges and DNA which all play important roles in keeping us fit and healthy.  Rather than treating each issue in isolation, nutritional therapy takes into account all of these factors, their interaction and their subsequent impact on the individual.

Who can benefit?
I've worked with clients with a range of issues, from those who have lived with chronic conditions for many years to others who are simply looking to optimise their health and decrease their risk of disease.  Nutritional therapy is of lasting benefit to anyone with an interest in feeling better and living a healthier life.


What if I am on medication?
Pharmaceutical medication can have an impact on several areas of the body and needs to be taken into account during the consultation process.  I am experienced in identifying potential contraindications when suggesting the use of natural supplements.  In addition, certain medications may impact nutrient absorption and your plan will take this into your consideration.

How many sessions will I need?
There is no one sized fits all approach to nutritional therapy. Please book your free 20-minute call and we can discuss your case.


Will there be lots of extra costs for supplements and blood tests?
One of the central focuses of my practice is to keep additional costs to an absolute minimum. In cases where I feel supplementation or further testing may be helpful I will discuss this with you and give you the pros and cons of the available options.

I don’t have a diagnosis, can you help?
Although I am unable to make a formal diagnosis I am able to order tests that look into specific systems of the body to investigate their function.  These include but are not limited to tests examining:

  • vitamin levels

  • hormone function

  • genetics

  • thyroid function

  • adrenal health

  • the gut

What’s Next?

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