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Nutritional Therapy in Cheshire & Greater Manchester

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Do you want to…

  • Resolve a long-term health complaint?

  • Get to the bottom of a niggling issue?

  • Beat the bloat?

  • Form healthy habits that really last?

  • Regain your energy and vitality?

  • Get back to your best?

Martin Cohen. Registered Nutritional Therapist

Martin Cohen. Registered Nutritional Therapist


I work to resolve chronic health issues and to really get to grips with what’s going on. Whether it’s a problem with your digestion, allergies or low energy it’s by addressing the underlying cause that we can really get you back to your best.
— Martin Cohen Dip CNM mBANT CNHC


Client Testimonials


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“Since working with Martin I’ve managed to lose the weight I’ve always wanted to. His gimmick free approach to nutrition was refreshing and his recommendations very easy to understand. A satisfied customer!”


“After living with unpredictable bowel habits for around 18 months I visited Martin. He was quick to make gentle adjustments to my diet which resulted in a reduction of my main symptoms of gas and bloating. Over the following sessions we identified troublesome foods and the underlying issue.”


“Martin listened and asked pertinent questions. As a result of our conversation I tried a new eating plan recommended by him, within 4 days the symptoms eased and within 2 weeks I had no symptoms. I am still symptom free and thrilled by the result, life is joyful again!”


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