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Hi, I’m Martin. I work with men and women who are fed up with feeling tired, unwell and confused about how to regain their health.

When something goes wrong with your health it’s not always a straightforward fix.  How much easier would it be if we could just take ourselves down to the local garage and they could solve the problem within 24 hours?  So much easier, right?


Health issues can be complex, especially ones that have slowly developed over time.  They can creep up ever so gradually and before you know it it’s having an impact your daily life. The time comes though when you’re ready for a change and there’s a desire to feel well again.

Maybe you’ve already asked “Dr Google” what your symptoms could mean and maybe you’ve been told 12 different things.  I’m sure this has left you feeling confused and frustrated.  We’ve all be there but I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way!

I work with people to resolve chronic health issues and to really get to grips with what’s going on.  Whether it’s a problem with your digestion, allergies, stress, hormones or low energy it is by addressing the underlying issue that we can really get you back to feeling your best. 


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“When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this - you haven't.”


Where do I begin?


Getting you back to your best


Client Testimonials

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Justine, 38.
Weight loss

“Since working with Martin I’ve managed to lose the weight I’ve always wanted to. His gimmick free approach to healthy eating was refreshing and his recommendations very easy to understand. A satisfied customer!”

Paul, 32.
Irritable bowel Syndrome

“After living with unpredictable bowel habits for around 18 months I visited Martin. He was quick to make gentle adjustments to my diet which resulted in a reduction of my mains symptoms of gas and bloating. Over the following sessions we identified troublesome foods and the underlying issue.”

Carol, 54.

“Martin listened asked pertinent questions and as a result of our conversation I tried a new eating plan recommended by him, within 4 days the symptoms eased and within 2 weeks I had no symptoms. I am still symptom free and thrilled by the result, life is joyful again!”

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